June 6, 2023

June 7, 2023

Introducing findfunding.vc 🧨

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our open source VC database - findfunding.vc

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The most accurate early stage investor database in the making

Every founder asks the same question: Who should I raise from?

To streamline this process, we’re open sourcing our internal VC database today to make it easier for founders to find the right investors (and for our fellow VCs to find great co-investors).

In the lead up to today’s launch, we asked our fellow investors to help us create the most accurate database of early-stage investors out there by having them validate their profiles.

We couldn't be more excited to launch it today and wanted to thank everyone who's already validated their entry.

➡️ Check it out at findfunding.vc


  • What is it? An open source database of early-stage (Pre-seed to Series B focused) VCs in the US and Canada.
  • What makes it open source? VCs are validating and verifying their profiles themselves, with various verification checks and balances to ensure high quality.
  • Why is this better than what’s already out there today? While there are lots of lists and databases on the internet, we found that the accuracy was lacking and/or there was too much friction via paywalls and dataset gatekeepers. By making it openly available and letting everyone update their own data, we're increasing the accuracy by the day to make it the most accurate one out there.

🛠️How to use the database:

  • You can both (1) search by firm name and (2) filter by the categories that matter to you
  • Dive deeper on any investor by viewing their profiles
  • When using the database, we have one ask: If you find it useful, please share it with a friend!
  • If your firm is missing, please add your record here. Link is also on the website
  • To edit / verify your entry, click your firm and then “update entry” in the top right

We are very excited about findfunding.vc making the fundraising process easier so founders can focus on building their business.

For questions / comments / to get in touch, shoot us an email.

Starting a company?

If you're building a pre-seed startup across the US or Canada that fits our investment scope:

  • Software, platform, infrastructure builders reinventing how industries operate & business is done; originated in the US or Canada
  • Raising your pre-seed (meaning raising your first round of funding < $2M)
  • Strong product builders with 1+ technical (co-) founder(s)
Please reach out.

Onwards and upwards!

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