partnerships are mutually earned through hard and honest work, day-in, day-out

we invest with a concentrated strategy to maximize our bandwidth and capital reserves to back you up
how we work with our founders
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after your pre-seed, our whole team gets to work for yours
shorter 0 to 1 learning curve
the initial months of company building have an outsized impact on your early trajectory. This is where we specialize - we work closely with you to help you crack the back of your toughest 0 to 1 challenges and shorten your learning curve to Series A and beyond.
you don't just get us
when we invest, you don’t just get us. You also become part of our tight-knit founder community and can learn from 175+ of the best GTM leaders at Seed through Series D startups that are part of The GTM Circle.
capital to get you further
with our concentrated investment strategy, we reserve fund capital to help power your startup through Series A. Breakout companies can take advantage of our co-investment vehicles and international expansion networks at Series B and beyond.
you lead the charge, we support and challenge you
it’s your vision and your company. We commit to being the hard working partner you can rely on for support and direct, honest feedback - without the VC bullsh*t.
the whole you
we care about and back the people, not just their business. We know that kind of talk is cheap - thus, we encourage you to chat to our founders to form your own opinion.